Program for CAWONAPS 2010 PDF Version

Thursday 9th December

9:00 Welcome Nigel Lockyer
9:05 Introduction Lothar Buchmann
  Facilities and associated experiments  
9:15 DRAGON and TUDA nuclear astrophysics facilities Chris Ruiz
9:35 TIGRESS-SHARC and 8pi facilities Adam Garnsworthy
9:55 Neutron-deficient mass measurements with TITAN Stephan Ettenauer
10:15 TBA Kumar Sharma
10:35 Coffee (20 minutes)  
  Observational/Theoretical astrophysics  
10:50 Neutron Star masses Ingrid Stiars
11:15 Positron production by pulsars and magnetars Jeremy Heyl
11:40 Nuclear physics in type I X-ray bursts Andrew Cumming
12:05 Lunch (1 hour)  
  Modeling, sensitivity studies  
13:05 NuGrid and MESA – a framework for numerical
experiments in nuclear astrophysics
Falk Herwig
13:30 3D numerical simulations of thermohaline mixing in
low-mass red giants
Pavel Denisenkov
13:55 Nucleosynthesis simulations with the NuGrid PPN code
Athira Menon
14:10 Sensitivity studies of x-ray bursts and classical novae Anuj Parikh
14:35 Coffee (20 minutes)  
  R-Matrix, theory, politics  
14:55 Azure R-Matrix code Dick Azuma
15:20 Ab initio calculations of radiative capture Peter Navratil
15:45 The Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics Michael Wiescher
16:10 Discussion  
18:00 Pub Dinner at Mahoney’s Irish Pub – UBC Campus  
Friday 10th December  
  Nuclear Reactions of Astrophysical importance  
9:00 Low energy reaction theory: the forsaken realm Lothar Buchmann
9:25 The 15O(α,γ)19Ne reaction Barry Davids
9:50 The 3He(α,γ)7Be reaction Sky Sjue
10:10 Absolute resonance strength measurements of the
22Na(p,γ) reaction
Chris Wrede
10:35 Coffee (20 minutes)  
  Nuclear Reactions (cont)  
10:55 14N(p,γ) via 15O state lifetimes Naomi Galinski
11:15 33S(p,γ) Jennifer Fallis
11:35 A study of the 30P(p,γ)31S reaction via the 32S(d,t)31S reaction and its astrophysical relevance Dan Irvine
11:55 The structure of 30S and the 29P(p,γ)30S reaction rate Kiana Setoodehnia
12:15 Lunch (1 hour)  
13:15 Distinct photometric and chemical evidence of the Quark-Nova in SN2006gy Matthew Kostka
13:35 Numerical simulations of the explosive transition
from hadronic to strange quark matter
Brian Niebergal
13:55 Trends in 44Ti and Calcium in (dual-shock) Quark-Novae Rachid Ouyed
14:15 Java-based r-process code: applications to SNe and QNe Nico Koning
14:30 Coffee (15 minutes)  
14:45 Tour of TRIUMF (Buchmann, Davids, Ruiz)  
  Summary Session and discussion  
16:00 Summary of the Workshop Alan Shotter
16:20 Discussion